What Business Sellers & Buyers Look For

As successful business brokers in Florida, we list and sell many profitable Florida businesses for Cash.

Cash sales is often the case for bigger businesses, like those in the Merger and Acquisition market, those in a popular niche, those that qualify for favorable term financing and businesses sold to  Strategic Buyers.

You will find that there are 2 types of business buyers.

1) Financially motivated Buyers are typical buyers who buy a Florida business based on the amount of income it will generate. These buyers focus on the numbers.

2) Strategic Buyers are usually in the same type of business and may be looking to expand. Strategic buyers will usually pay more and without seller financing. We have the largest database of strategic buyers in Florida.

What Business Sellers & Buyers Look For

The Seller is looking for:

  • The best price possible
  • Getting mostly cash at closing
  • Proof that the company will prosper
  • The Buyer is looking for:
  • Value
  • Income
  • Debt Payoff
  • ROI
  • Company growth potential without adding more debt
  • Retirement Potential

What A Buyer Looks At to determine value:

  • Past Earnings Reports
  • Quality of Management
  • Diversification
  • Type of Business
  • Prospective Growth for the Industry
  • Sale Agreement Terms
  • Employees
  • Competition
  • Location & Equipment

How Business buyers value a business is different for every buyer. Our job as Business Brokers in Florida is to qualified buyers for your business, potential buyers who have the funds and like your business. We often interview over 50 buyers before we bring a great prospect to the table.

Potential Buyers expect businesses to have sufficient cash flow for:

  • Paying off debt
  • Pay the Owner a Salary
  • Return of their Down Payment
  • Safety Cushion for the unexpected
  • Buyers expect a business seller to have:
  • Current & complete Financials, Inventory and Tax Records
  • A neat and efficient Work Place
  • Reliable employees

If your business meets these criteria, prospective buyers will consider your business a viable opportunity.

Where Do Business Buyers Come From?

  • 70% are First-Time Buyers
  • 2% are Professional Buyers
  • 28% are Investment Groups & Corporate Acquirers

There are hundreds of active business buyers with ample funds looking to buy a Florida business like yours, ready to act when the right opportunity presents itself. Our vast database may already have the perfect buyer for your business for sale.

How Much Money Do Business Buyer’s Have to Invest?

Mergers & Acquisitions category represents businesses with 5 to 50 million dollars in annual sales: We, at Florida Business Brokers, work with many types of business buyers, such as individual, institutional, capital companies, holding companies, venture capital groups and corporations. Most of these types of business buyers have up to 100 million dollars to invest in the right business.

If you are thinking of selling your Florida Business, we can help. We have a huge database of buyers looking to buy a business in Florida. There is a very good chance that at least one of those buyers is looking for your business to buy.