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Business Broker Jobs with Florida Business Brokers

business-broker-jobs-floridaFlorida Business Brokers has business broker work available for newly licensed and experienced agents alike. If you’re a business broker, Florida Business Brokers can provide you the opportunity to make more money than you could make running your own brokerage with more free time. Initially this sounds unlikely, but as any experienced business broker will tell you, if you can service your clients without the overhead and problems of running a brokerage, then you will not only profit more, but you will have more personal time.

Jobs for Newly Licensed Agents

If you’re just starting your career as a business broker, you should consider taking a job with Florida Business Brokers. Our brokers are experts in taking residential real estate agents and training them to be successful business brokers and commercial agents. Unlike the franchise brokers that would have a new business broker cold-call and pay for marketing classes, we put you through our in-house training program, provide you with a step-by-step manual, provide you with leads and take you into the field with the assistance of an experienced broker. As you gain experience, you can decide whether you would like to work our leads, develop you own leads, or work both. We are happy to see you succeed either way.

High Earning Potential

We offer a best in the industry commission split. Many of our listings boast a 12% commission rate with a $15,000 minimum. Also, we have a never ending supply of leads. Our buyer leads are rotated through the agent pool and the seller leads can be purchased at our cost.

Florida has more business sales transactions each year than any other state. This, along with the largest business MLS in the Country makes Florida a great choice for agents looking for high volume work. South Florida especially, attracts buyers with money from around the world looking to enter the US on a visa or to obtain citizenship through the investor’s visa program. We get the best of both worlds: high volume and high price transactions.

Be a Happy Business Broker

Please read the about section to get a sense of who we are. Very simply, we are a new and innovative company based in Wellington Florida and rapidly expanding. Our leads extend from Miami to Orlando but we do most of our business around Miami and Ft Lauderdale.

The company is owned by a real estate attorney and an advertising executive, both are brokers. We want you to make money with us, so we offer, training, support, great splits, and a never ending supply of leads.

Work from Home

Although our office can be a nice location to work from, many of our agents find themselves very busy in the field and chose to work from home. Our philosophy is to let agents work the way they want to work without being hassled by a boss. Our target business broker agent is honest, responsive and helpful. You may only work as a full-time business broker (it is too busy to try to do part time) and we have opportunities for agents to move up to management positions or to open other branch offices. Call us at 1-561-BROKERS for more info or to apply.