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Is My Business Sellable?

Are you thinking of selling your business, but not really sure where to start?

Do you have an Exit Strategy in place?

Like most hardworking small business owners, you don’t have time to eat your Wheaties, let alone finding out your business’s sellability, if it is attractive to potential buyers.

How many times have you told yourself, I’ve got to sell my business if I’m ever going to retire.”? When you’re in operational mode, there’s little time to check into the value of your business or how attractive it is to buyers should you choose to sell in the near future. With so many vital tasks at hand, it is easy to keep putting it off.

You may not even be considering selling your business at this point; however completing the Sellability Score can help you to plan your exit strategy effectively. It can assist you in building and growing your business in such a way that, when the time comes to sell, your business’ sellability will be maximized to its full potential.

Now, there’s a way to find out if you have a sellable business and it only takes a few minutes of your valuable time. It produces highly qualitative and quantitative results that provide solid remedial action to solve problems. It’s called the “Sellability Score” and it’s based on an advanced, scientific algorithm.

Sellability Score for Business

The sellability business tool was developed by John Warrillow. He is the author of “Built to Sell: Creating a Business That Can Thrive without You.” This innovative tool shows business owners how their business would stack up against their competition. If you tried to sell your business today, you will gain valuable insights into how potential buyers would analyze your business, including:

  • Where your business stands on a scale from “easy” to “hard” to sell.
  • Based on your sellability score, your best options for selling your business.
  • The most important questions to ask yourself prior to selling you business.

Once you know your position on the Sellability scale  of 1 to 100, you can start taking the appropriate actions toward preparing your business for sale. Since the endgame is to “realize your dreams” when you walk away from your business, your goal should be to get every penny you’ve earned over the years in your business.

Take the test here and find out: Sellability Score questionnaire. It is…

  • Absolutely Free
  • Confidential
  • Takes a Few Minutes

After completing the questionnaire, you will immediately receive a Sellability Score out of 100 along with instructions for interpreting your results. A Florida Business Broker will contact you to arrange a review of your report and answer any questions you might have.