Immigrating to U.S. Visa Programs

Immigrating to the United States (USA)

America is full of business entrepreneurs because it has the most prosperous economic market in the world. People from every country want to move to the U.S. for the abundance of opportunities for individuals and their families. In addition to the E-B5 visa, immigrants can choose to move to the U.S. with an E2 or L1 visa.


An E2 visa is the most popular of the 2 visas. It is an investor visa which requires a minimum investment that varies by country with a minimum investment of $100,000 USD for British and Canadian nationals. The investment requirements can be as much as $500,000 US for other countries.


The L1 visa is available to those who own a business in their country and wish to buy a business in the U.S. The person buying a business in the U.S. may obtain an L1 visa based on an inter-company transfer. The transfer gives an immigrant permanent residency status in the U.S. which can be converted to a green card in 2 or 3 years.

E2 and L1 Visas are easy to obtain when following the proper process and understanding all the issues involved. People trying to obtain an E2 or L1 visa should always use a business broker with extensive experience to assist them. Critical decisions, like choosing where to live and what kind of businesses are available in Florida. Finding and buying a Florida business that qualifies for a visa can be a challenge. A visa-qualifying business must have favorable tax returns, properly documented employees. These businesses are highly sought after by American citizens as well and thus a foreign national must coached on the correct negotiating procedure if they want to succeed.

Why Choose FLORIDA?

Florida is the fastest growing and 3rd most populated state in the USA. Florida offers a unique and high quality lifestyle, low home prices, a vibrant social community and profitable business environment. The lifestyle and sunny weather make Florida the #1 choice for business owners. Conditions are favorable no matter what type of business you want to buy.


The key to moving to the US through an E2 or L visa depends greatly on finding the right business to buy. Although finding a good immigration lawyer is important, it is not as important as finding the right business to buy in a good location. Locating a good business for sale in Florida is very hard to do. That is where Florida Business Brokers can help. We can find you the right business that qualifies you for a visa so you can live your dream in Florida as a legal U.S. resident.


Florida Business Brokers gives you the best chance at moving to the U.S. with minimum financial risk and stress. Our process is simple.

Step1: Call 1-561-234-5678 and discuss your options. Then let us help you find the right visa-qualifying business in Florida to buy.

Step 2: Select an immigration attorney specializes in immigration matters. We have provided a list below of attorneys we work with. We can help you locate and get in touch with a reputable immigration attorney who will provide you with the necessary forms, assist you in completing the forms properly and submitting them to the INS for processing.

Step 3:  Since you will be moving to Florida, the next step is to find a home. You can choose to rent or buy. Florida Business Brokers are also real estate brokers who can help you find a home close to where your new business is located and in a good neighborhood with good schools for your children.

Our Agents:

Florida Business Brokers’ agents are all successful entrepreneurs with proven success records. We are all dedicated to helping entrepreneurs from every country move to the U.S. and become successful Florida Business owners.

EB-5 Investment Options

EB-5 Investment Options

On this page we will discuss the three EB-5 investment options, please see the details below:

EB-5 New Business Enterprise

In order to qualify, you must cover the following criteria:

  • Invest at least US$ 1 million in a new business enterprise. However, if your investment is in the designated *targeted employment area, the minimum investment required can be reduced to US$ 500,000.
  • The new business should benefit the US economy.
  • The new business must create at least 10 (ten) full-time jobs for US citizens or Green Card holders, excluding you and your family members.
  • As an investor, you must be involved in the business management directly or indirectly as a corporate officer or board member.

*Targeted Employment Area (TEA) is defined by law as “a rural area or an area that has experienced high unemployment of at least 150 percent of the national average.”

EB-5 Troubled Business Investment

The qualification requirements are:

  • You should invest in a business that has existed for at least 2 (two) years. Again, the investment required is US$ 1 million or US$ 500,000 in a targeted employment area.
  • Besides this, the business must have generated net loss for the 12 to 24 month period before you submit your application with US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).
  • The generated loss for the 12 to 24 month period must be at least 20% of the company’s net worth before the loss.
  • For at least 2 (two) years, the business must maintain the same number of jobs that existed before you invested in the company.
  • You must be involved in the management of the business directly or indirectly as a corporate officer or board member.

EB-5 Regional Center Investment

Regional Center, as defined by the USCIS, is an economic unit, public or private, which is involved with the promotion of economic growth, improved regional productivity, job creation, and increased domestic capital investment.

To be able to qualify for a Regional Center investment you must:

  • Invest US$ 1 million (or US$ 500,000) in a new business enterprise affiliated with a Regional Center, or invest in a Regional Center located in a Targeted Employment Area (TEA).
  • Prove that your Investment via a Regional Center will create at least 10 direct or indirect full-time jobs.

The introductory information about the EB-5 Visa category is quite clear and you can find plenty of resources on the Internet.

BUT very few of the companies that market the program will mention the obstacles of the EB-5 program. By “obstacles,” we don’t mean intentionally placed difficulties, but there are some stages that can be crucial for your immigration application and for your money as well.

Before you take any action, you must have clear answers to questions like:

Which route should you take – create your own business or invest in a Regional Center project?

What are the benefits and negatives of both investment options?

What is the risk associated with having your own business?

What is the risk associated with investing via a Regional Center?

How do you choose the right Regional Center?

You should consider the following facts:

  • Currently, there are around 94 approved Regional Centers operating in 34 states.
  • Approximately 65 Regional Centers are pending with USCIS.
  • Around 90-95% of the individual Form I-526 petitions filed each year are filed by Alien Investors who are investing in Regional Centers affiliated commercial enterprises.
  • Most of the Regional Centers are located in targeted employment areas and rural areas in order to be able to qualify for the reduced investment of US$ 500,000. Be aware though, that there are Regional Centers located in some areas, like big city suburbs, where the investment is still US$ 1 million.

Please keep in mind that with the EB-5 Visa there are two important components – investment and immigration. To be able to make an informed decision, you need the advice of an independent financial expert for the investment part, and an immigration lawyer for the immigration part.

High-Net-Worth Immigration can offer both of these through our US-based partners who specialize in EB-5 processing. Remember, we have a vested interest in the success of your immigration application, so we will do our best to support you – not only during the application process, but after you get your residency status.

Our partner’s network is at your service to help you achieve your goals and establish your new life in the United Sates! Call Florida Business Brokers 1-561-234-5678 Today!

Getting an EB-5 Immigrant Investor Program VISA

Getting an EB-5 Immigrant Investor Program VISA

The EB-5 or Immigrant Investor Program was created by Congress in 1990. The goal was to stimulate the U.S. economy through job creation and capital investment through foreign investors.

The EB-5 program allows foreign investors to obtain a green card and create a path to citizenship when they buy a business that creates at least 10 new jobs.

At a time when access to capital has been limited, the program has recently been used to launch new businesses, as well as revive troubled small businesses, helping them preserve jobs that would have otherwise been terminated.

Minimum Requirements

EB-5 has two different minimums for investments that qualify for the program.

If foreign investors invest $1 million or more they can buy a business in any state. If they invest less than $1 million, they will be restricted to particular areas as defined by the EB-5 guidelines.

The minimum qualifying investment for the program is $500,000 and must be invested in one of two types of areas. This requirement aims to stimulate economy in rural areas, which are defined by USCIS as areas outside a metropolitan statistical area or outside the boundary of any city or town having a population of 20,000 or more. Other areas that are the focus of the program are targeted economic areas, often referred to as TEA zones and are defined as areas with an unemployment rate of at least 150% of the national average.

TEA Policy

Each state has its own TEA policy. Some states have pre-determined TEA zones, and other states allow you to apply or request for a certain zone.

Each foreign investor must prove that their investment will result in the creation of ten jobs. Since the program is looking to stimulate the U.S. economy, preserving 10 jobs when buying troubled businesses also qualifies.

Business Plan

One of the ways that USCIS determines whether EB-5 visa requesters meet the requirements of the program is by evaluating the submitted proposals. If you apply for an EB-5 investment through the USCIS, the center would be responsible for assisting you in creating an EB-5 compliant business plan.

It is possible to apply for an EB-5 visa without investing through a Regional Center, but this would require the applicant to write his or her own business plan. There are specialized EB-5 consultants who can assist you with writing your business plan if you choose to go that route.

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