Energy Shot Vending Machine Routes for Sale in Florida

5-hour ENERGY® is expanding sales of its product into workplace break rooms across America. It is seeking full and part-time distributors to service the accounts.

Did you know that last year alone, in the United States, Energy Drinks and Shot products sold over $10 billion in gross product sales? This industry is one of the fastest growing out there, and 5-hour ENERGY® has launched its new vending machine concept to allow these drinks and shots to be sold outside of the retail market. 5-hour ENERGY® has chosen Speed King Manufacturing’s specially designed machine to use for this expansion across America.

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This is truly a Ground Floor Opportunity to become a distributor of the World’s #1 Energy Shot Product. There are millions of work places across America where employees use 5-hour ENERGY® every day while at work and are looking for a more accessible way to stock up on the product without leaving the office. This new Vending Machine makes 5-hour ENERGY® very profitable to the distributors that own and operate the machines.

If you have a desire to “be your own boss” and you crave financial independence, Florida Business Brokers would love to show you how an Energy Shot vending route featuring America’s #1 Energy Shot could work for you. 5-hour ENERGY® is currently selling over nine million bottles every week in the U.S. Get your piece of the pie by managing your own Vending machine route for one of the most popular energy drinks around!

Energy shots have become so essential to the everyday consumer that they have earned a place at the convenience store checkout counter. And, as demand continues to soar, more vending operators are claiming their share of the profits by putting the concentrated energy drink alternative in the hands of consumers in locations where they desire a quick pick-me-up.

5-Hour Energy shots sales are up 30% over last year in the vending channel, as operators are beginning to recognize the magnitude of the market for the product. In just a few years, the “shots” have has grown from a niche purchase to a mainstream must-have.

Sales of energy shots are expected to almost double this year, to about $700 million from last year’s $370 million, according to Stamford, CT-based market analyst Consumer Edge Research. Convenience stores are on track to achieve such growth; according to Nielsen data, they have posted the largest dollar sales increase in the first half of 2009 for “liquid vitamins, supplements and energy shots” – up 120.5% over the same period last year.

The 2-fl.oz. 5-Hour Energy shot bottle provides a concentrated sugar-free dose of caffeine equivalent to a cup of coffee or a can of energy drink. They also contain B vitamins and amino acids associated with alertness and focus. Students cramming for exams, truckers driving for many hours and fitness enthusiasts seeking a boost are among the diverse consumers relying on the “energy shots” for an on-demand power boost.

The current economy is driving vending operators to reevaluate their machines and say: ‘What can we change to get people back and get more dollars per vend?’Awareness of the brand and demand for it has exploded. With over 4 million bottles selling each week, many vending operators are finding success.

While the competition is heating up, it’s also helping build the market for other energy shots. Red Bull recently introduced a “shot” version of its market-leading beverage, Dr Pepper Snapple began test-marketing a shot of its Venom energy drink (Venom Bite) and Coca-Cola has added a shot based on its NOS energy drink. Shotz, which made its vending industry debut at last fall’s National Automatic Merchandising Association National Expo, is another contender in the fast-growing category.

A specially designed column shim makes it simple for operators to merchandise the product through a chip coil in a snack vender. Energy shots are filling a big niche and vending operators have a huge opportunity to put something in front of people that they want, in the places they want it.

Florida Business Brokers can help you locate and buy a profitable energy shot vending route in Florida. Just call 1-561-234-5678 for more information.