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Debbie Burke

Deborah Juanita Burke
Office: 1-954-782-2377 Ext 706
Cell: 1-305-791-5349

Getting her start in retail banking and financial advising…A graduate of University of Maryland…and over the years, holder of numerous certifications and accolades…Deborah’s background spans over 32 years of  business  consulting, insurance and estate planning, tax preparation, residential and commercial financing, real estate investing…serving both an international and domestic clientele of small business and middle market entrepreneurs and investors…She is a pioneer in true work-life balance…Deborah has incubated numerous micro/small businesses for herself and her clients.

She is multi-faceted, disciplined and diverse in her business endeavors, has owned a daycare center and children’s clubhouse and a mortgage brokerage business, while on the other spectrum financed and overseen custom construction projects… Years of consulting with nonprofits has developed her skills on how to get big results on a shoe string which she gracefully adapts to any business situation.  These days Deborah is a concierge of sorts, connecting the dots for her business buyers and sellers.  She has participated in strategic partnerships with a diverse global group of entrepreneurs in the aggregation of businesses utilizing techniques such as Fractional financing and Asset sharing.   As a participant of business growth training, Deborah’s has a repertoire of  several proprietary methods such as “ F.A.C.C.T” as well as the “S.M.A.R.I.C techniques to facilitate business acquisition and expansion.

Debbie gracefully juggles multiple business interests including her Relight America core team alliance www.relightamerica.com , an invaluable resource for business owners…while being actively involved in community, civic activities and youth programs. As a business brokerage consultant, Deborah’s extensive experiences compliment her ability to favorably structure transactions to increase success for all parties involved. As a result colleagues embrace her as the go to person when all else fails! …Essentially before you give up on a transaction…”run it by Deb first.”  This epitomizes her relentless quest to find solutions to every challenge.  Call her…or visit www.deborahjburke.com  for more information on how Deborah and Florida Business Brokers can assist you in the realization of your goals.

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