Buying a Landscaping Business in Florida

There is Money to be made in landscaping.

Being your own boss can be nerve wracking. But, if the entrepreneurial spirit pulses through your veins, it is hard to resist. There will be a time when you perceive a market opening in an area which you have some expertise, and off you go.

If your interest is buying a business in Florida, a landscaping business in Palm Beach may be an option.

Florida’s climate itself softens the biggest downside of such a business. According to Tagg Hamilton, who has been in the landscaping business over seven years, the biggest downside is that in most parts of the country, it is seasonal. For several months, the snow and inclement weather put your business on ice.

Sunny Florida would soften the brunt of this issue. Although there is a storm season (as everywhere else) it does not shut you down for several months every year.

Target customers are folks with larger than average lawn with no teenagers at home assigned the task. Older, more affluent couples just do not want to deal with starting up the old Lawn mower on Saturday morning. Florida has long been a Mecca for older folks retiring into the sunshine and would have more prospects in this category than many parts of the country.

Tagg also mentions that 2 income homes are good prospects as they have more income, but less time to do weekly chores. After the kids move out, often Moms go back to work to make some extra money and to stave off boredom.

According to a survey by International Communications Research for the Buyer Lawn Care Institute, “ The average homeowner spends nearly eight hours each week on lawn care and landscaping tasks around their home and would consider hiring a professional service in order to acquire more free time.”

Many communities in Florida are managed by Home Owners Associations and they are very stringent about yard appearance. Not keeping your lawn and bushes presentable can lead to warnings and fines.

Once you make a decision to test the landscaping business water in Florida, the next step is to see what is available.

For example, you can buy a landscaping business in Palm Beach, Florida. It has been operational for several years. The largest part of its customer base is 114 homes in a golf/country club setting. The good part of this is that travel time is minimal. You want to do as much as possible in the smallest geographical area possible to keep your crews productive and spend less on gas and vehicle maintenance.

Two crews, a dump truck, “good mower equipment” and recently renewed small engines (trimmers and blower motors) are included.

Having such a large part of your business mix in one pot is a blessing and a curse. Hopefully, you can build the kind of relationship with the country club folks that will endure and deflect competitor’s offers. However, if a “low baller” comes to town and the property manager sees nothing but dollar signs, you could be out in a hurry.

Being your own boss by buying a landscaping business in Florida can be your part of the American dream. Be sure of your research, get your accountant and attorney on board, be prepared to ride out some economic storms, and contact Florida Business Brokers.