Possible Visa-Qualified Businesses for Sale


Begin your search for possible Visa-Qualified businesses for sale in Florida by browsing our business listings, which contains all possibly Visa-Qualified businesses for sale throughout Florida. Keep in mind, type of income you require to support your lifestyle and then search for the perfect business for you. Remember, a smaller business will not support a larger family. Once you have found some businesses you are interested in, contact Florida Business Brokers to get started with a free consultation

Most business sales are private sales. You will not find the busness name or contact information in our listings and you will need a business broker to mediate between you and the business owner. Business owners don’t typically advertise that their business is for sale as it can create problems with employees and clients. 

If your are from outside the U.S., these are the most common Visa opportunities available for investors:

E. 2 – Treaty Investor Visa – this applies to most people and it is for those of you who do not own a business in the country you currently reside in, however are willing to purchase a business in the United States. This gives you the ability to :

a) Live in the United States legally and work within your own business
b) Allow your spouse to apply for a work permit , allowing them to apply for jobs within the U.S. other than a government job.

EB.5 – (route to a Green Card) The minimum investment here is $500,000 or $ 1,000,000. This type of investment needs to be carefully considered as you have options. You will need to confirm which regional program best suits your needs and then contact us.