Luxury Wig Boutique for Sale Miami Beach Florida

Luxury Wig Boutique for Sale Miami Beach Florida

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Business Description

Beautiful Luxury Wig Boutique in a busy and great location of North Miami Beach, Florida. The store features some of the finest selections of Luxury, Human, and Synthetic wigs and also features 2 private fitting rooms. The Business is easy to run with Established clientele both local and international. The best wig store in Miami and your opportunity to own this established business.

Detailed Information

Included in asking price
Furniture, Fixtures, & Equipment (FF&E):
Included in asking price
Off one of the busiest strips in North Miami, Florida. Shopping Plaza with other stores such as salons and female accessories, which compliments this business. 1300 Sq feet, with 2 private fitting rooms.
Support & Training:
Owner will train for 2 weeks at no cost.

William M. Thomas is a real estate broker in Florida and an attorney in both, New York and Florida. He specializes in selling businesses, commercial properties and high-end residential and equestrian properties in Wellington, Florida. Being both an attorney and real estate broker gives Mr. Thomas a competitive edge that has proven to be of great benefit to his clients. He is highly respected and trusted within the Palm Beach County business communities.

Services Offered:
Business brokerage and commercial real estate brokerage for buyers and sellers. Our company maintains a network group of accountants, lenders, attorneys and M&A specialists. We also provide assistance with temporary and permanent visas for international business investors. Although we specialize in South Florida businesses, we are able to list and sell businesses throughout Florida and maintain a corporate airplane for the purpose of business travel throughout the state.  
Areas Served:
Palm Beach County, Florida. Broward County, Florida. Miami-Dade County, Florida. Martin County, Florida. Orange County, Florida.  
Florida Business brokers is managed by William M. Thomas, an attorney and real estate broker. Mr. Thomas understands the need for confidentiality in order to protect the integrity of the existing business and is experienced enough to provide the most practical counseling to buyers and sellers. Florida Business Brokers is a member of the Business Brokers of Florida multiple listing service which is the leading business MLS in America in size and is at the forefront of developing and maintaining ethical standards for its members and for business brokers throughout America.  
William M. Thomas is an attorney in Florida and New York and a real estate broker in Florida. He has done hundreds of foreclosures and many thousands of real estate and business closings as an attorney and a real estate broker. Mr. Thomas has an insurance brokers license in Florida, which may be useful to help buyers ensure they will be appropriately covered during their new venture. Just an aside, Mr. Thomas is a commercial pilot and flight instructor and maintains his person Beechcraft Baron airplane for business and pleasure travel needs.  
Important Links:

Buying a Business from a Friend

Tips for Buying a Business from a Friend

We get questions from time to time from individuals who are interested in buying a business from a friend but aren’t sure if they should.  If this sounds like you, then here are some tips on what you need to know and what questions to ask your friend, the existing owner, if you plan on buying an existing business from your friend. Buying a business from a friend isn’t any different than buying a business from a stranger.

1. Understand the company’s business model.  How has the company been selling their products to date?  How have those different sales methods worked for them?  Are there areas you can see where you can grow the business further if that’s your ultimate goal?

2. Understand the company’s profit and loss. Make sure you look at the Profit and Loss statement not just from this year but from the previous few years.  This will provide you with insight into the financials – which are the backbone – of the company including if what the current owner is saying is proving out to be true in the numbers.  If you’re not comfortable reading a P&L you should ask someone else to help you.

3. What equipment and/or inventory is transferable with the sale?

4. How much training is going to be included with the sale?  This is especially important for involved owners where you as the owner might be responsible for some of the production.  Even if the company has a staff, you need to make sure you understand all of the parts of this business if you want to be successful.

5. Are there any debts or liabilities that are being transferred with the sale?  This can happen in certain business transactions but you should make sure you understand what you’re getting into and make sure the purchase price reflects those risks you’re assuming.

6. Are the margins realistic and are the prices appropriate for the marketplace.  Someone may have a great concept but if they haven’t been able to make it pencil out numbers-wise then you need to ask yourself why and determine if there’s something you can do to change that.

7. Does this business and business model fit with your lifestyle?  Small business is notorious for its odd hours and hard work.  Even if you’re ready to undertake the work, make sure you understand how this business will fit into the rest of your lifestyle so that if you move forward it’s something that you love building for years to come.

This is, of course, not meant to be a complete list and you should certainly enlist the help of an expert at Florida Business Brokers, LLC throughout this process to make sure that you are financially and legally protected throughout the process.

Draw the Line

If you are buying a business from a friend, you must still take the steps necessary to ensure the deal is worthwhile and legal. You should draw a line between your personal interaction with your friend and the transaction of buying his business. Since a business is an investment, make sure you are investing money in an operation that is lucrative, or has the potential to provide you with a return on your investment.

Research the Business’s History and Finances

Before you seriously consider buying a business from a friend, find out as much as you can about it. Thoroughly review copies of the business’s certified financial records, including cash flow statements, balance sheets, accounts payable and receivable, employee files including benefits and any employee contracts, and major contracts and leases, as well as any past lawsuits and other relevant information.

This review (lawyers call it “due diligence”) will not only help you understand how the company ticks, but will alert you to potential problems. For instance, if a major contract like a lease prohibits you from taking it over without the landlord or other party’s permission, you won’t want to finalize the deal without getting that permission.

Don’t be shy about asking your friend for information about the business, and if they refuse to supply it, or if you find any misinformation, this may be a sign that you should look elsewhere.


Vending Machine Businesses

How to Start a Vending Machine Business or Route

Owning and Operating a Vending Machine Business – The Basics
Welcome! Interested in starting a vending machine business? Great decision! According to Forbes Magazine, operating a vending route is one of the easiest businesses to start. And, the best part, this virtually recession-proof business has the potential to earn a return on investment the instant you set up your first vending machine.

Before diving in, thinking through a few basics will help you build a strong foundation for vending business success. Read on for some more tips on what works to get your vending business up and running!

Customers frequently ask us, “What do I need to do to start my own vending business?” If you are just starting out, we hope this resource can answer most of your questions, while providing you with some helpful tips and tricks from industry veterans. We will be adding content on a regular basis, so check back often. We want to hear from you! If there is a topic you would like to see covered, please let us know!

Question to Ask Before Starting a Vending Business

  • What machine should I choose?
  • How do I find a location?
  • What products should I vend?

Below you will find information that will help you as you build your vending route and establish your vending machine business.

Vending Machine Maintenance

Your vending route is only as strong as your machines, so servicing and maintaining the vending machines in your route is essential. There are many different types of vending machines on the market, but the topics covered below should apply to most vending machines.

  • Adjusting or changing your Dispensing Wheel
  • Attaching your Machine to a Stand
  • Replacing a vending machine lock instructions
  • Servicing your Machine
  • Changing a Coin Mechanism
  • Taking your vending Machine Apart (and putting it back together)

Tricks of the Trade Topics

  • Candy Wheel Settings
  • Keeping Mike & Ike’s from Sticking to Each Other
  • One Minute Vending Machine Pitstop
  • Spin Coin Mechanisms

General Guidelines to Starting your Vending Business

Due Diligence

Before setting up your vending machines, determine the cost of business and analyze the location. Some things to consider:

  • Find a reputable supplier of commercial quality vending machines (like Gumballs.com!).
  • How many potential customers might purchase an item from the vending machine? If your vending machine is in a public location, observe the foot traffic. If your vending machine is placed in break room, know the number of employees that will have access to the machine.
  • Determine your cost of business by adding together all the overhead costs, including the cost of the vending equipment, vending supplies, transportation (vehicle and fuel), etc. How much will you need to price your vending items to turn a profit? Remember that vending machines are a one-time cost and that the vending machines will need to be up and running for some time before recognizing a profit.
  • Numbers will fluctuate depending on if you purchase cases of gumballs, bulk candy or toy capsules, etc., in bulk where you might get a discounted rate OR if you decide to sell a product that costs more. The beauty of a vending business is that it can be tweaked along the way to see what works and what doesn’t, while maximizing your profits.

Target Your Customers

Once your locations are secured, place machines and vending products that appeal to the customer.

  • Vending machines that dispense temporary tattoos, stickers or toy capsules filled with items that are currently “hot” with kids and teens are great in areas that attract a young crowd. Gumballs.com offers the latest vending supplies targeted toward the younger population including bouncy balls, toy capsules, tattoos, stickers, gumballs, bulk candy and more.
  • If the location attracts older individuals, a soda and snack machine (just be sure you have access to an electrical outlet) is a great choice, or stock your vending machines with chiclet gum, mints, nuts or energy drinks.
  • If placing your vending machine in a break room, ask your business contact what type of snacks and soft drinks the employees would like.
  • Before setting up any vending machines, be sure that you have adequate space for your machine as well access to an electrical outlet (if needed).
  • Remember that as the owner of your vending machines, you are responsible for keeping them filled and working properly.

Start Small

Once you’ve secured some locations, it’s time to purchase the machines and get them up and running! New to the vending business? Try starting with smaller machines that require a minimal upfront investment, such as gumball machines or triple-head candy machines. Maintenance on these machines is minimal when checked on a regular basis. Plus, no electrical hook-up is required.

Vending Machines are a great business in that you can start with one machine and use the profits to roll back into the business and it will pay for itself as you grow the number of vending locations that you offer.

Frequently asked questions regarding vending machine businesses:

How much will my vending machine business make?
The success of your vending business will be dependent upon location, location, and location. The busier the location, the better your vending machine business will do.

Do I have to offer the store owner a percentage of my vending sales?
This depends on the approach that you take. If you approach the owner as a vending machine business owner strictly interested in expanding your vending route, then it would be proper to offer them a percentage of the sales. Do not forget that offering a percentage is an incentive for the owner to allow you the space in their business. We recommend offering anywhere from 15% to 33%, depending on the location. Another approach that you could take is through charity. There are many charitable organizations that will supply you with stickers to put on your vending machines in exchange for a nominal monthly fee. Most store owners will allow you space in their stores for free when you are associated with a charitable organization.

Should I use a locating service to locate my vending machines?
Keep in mind that a location service charges to place machines, which will cut into your profits.  If you have the time to scout, securing quality locations for your vending machine business yourself will maximize your profit.

What are good locations for vending machines?
In our experience, certain businesses have consistently proven to be successful locations. These include restaurants, bowling alleys, skating rinks, shopping malls, Boys and Girls Clubs, laundromats, movie theaters, academic institutions (high schools, colleges), supermarkets, coffee shops, banks, automotive centers, taverns, and apartment complexes. Always be on the look out for more obscure locations that could prove to be really favorable. Some surprisingly successful locations that we have come across include auction facilities, casinos, bingo halls, horseback riding facilities, and airports. Remember, any place with steady foot traffic is a good location for a vending machine.

Do I need a business license or insurance to operate a vending machine business?
You should consult with your local licensing department to find out the specific rules and regulations pertaining to the vending business in Florida.

Once I place a machine, should I have the location owner sign some sort of contract?
This is up to you, but it’s never a bad idea to have a business agreement in writing.

Is theft and/or vandalism a big issue in the vending business?
Because bulk vending machines are typically placed in high visibility and high traffic locations where there are people or employees at all times, theft and vandalism is uncommon. If you are locating your machine in a questionable location, a simple and cost-effective solution would be to wrap a chain around the base of the machine and chain it to a fixture within the store. This simple solution would prevent any would-be thieves from attempting to steal your equipment. If you are purchasing a change machine, many models can be equipped with an alarm for an upgrade fee.

How often will I need to service my vending machine business and how long does it take to service?
We recommend that you check on your vending machines at least once a month. Servicing a vending machine business, which includes collecting the money and refilling the machine, takes about three minutes per machine. A vending business consisting of 100 machines could take as little as 6 hours a week or two weekends a month to fully service.

Do I need a truck or van to run a vending machine business?
No. Our spiral vending machines, bulk vending machines, and triple-vend machines easily fit within a standard vehicle.

Can I operate my vending machine business from my home?
Absolutely! There is absolutely no need for an expensive office or warehouse.

Discount Store for Sale Florida

Discount Merchandise Store for Sale

Oakland Park, FL (Broward County)


Business Description

This is a very nice store all set up and profitable in a great location with great signage. Must see to realize the potential.

For More information on this Discount Merchandise Store for Sale in Florida, Contact Florida Business Brokers, LLC 561-234-5678

Detailed Information

Included in asking price
Furniture, Fixtures, & Equipment (FF&E):
Included in asking price
3200 Sqft retail store with great location and great signage.
Fully stocked discount retail store. Great location and great signage. Profitable.
Growth & Expansion:
Take over an existing profitable discount store that is fully stocked with inventory.
Support & Training:
As needed
Reason for Selling:
Other business interests