Nutrition Supplement Store for Sale Florida

Nutrition Supplement Store

Coconut Creek, FL (Broward County)


Business Description

Nutritional Supplement store in gorgeous shopping plaza with tremendously favorable lease terms. Has only been open for a few months, but has already started to turn a modest profit. Gross revenues are up to $12,000/month increasing every week. Huge potential lies in a new owner to add internet sales and a juice or smoothie bar. No other store in the plaza is allowed to sell nutritional supplements.

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Detailed Information

Not included in asking price
Furniture, Fixtures, & Equipment (FF&E):
Included in asking price
Nutritional supplement store located in a gorgeous newly-built outdoor mall. Lots of foot traffic.
Prime location in most beautiful mall in town with exclusive right to sell nutritional supplements. Virtually no competition.
Growth & Expansion:
Huge potential when adding internet sales and a juice / smoothie bar. Outdoor seating can be added on.
Support & Training:
Owner will train buyer for two weeks at no cost.
Reason for Selling:
Owner entered medica school.

Working with a Business Broker for Sellers

Working with a Business Broker from A Sellers Point Of View

Florida Business Brokers always recommend working with a business broker when buying or selling a business. As a seller, there are many advantages to working with a business broker. A broker can assist with preparing the business for the sale, establishing a value, marketing your business, and screening and connecting you with potential buyers. Many sellers do not want to pay a broker’s fee. However, true professionals must charge for their services. Working with a business broker helps you to get the best sale price for the business and get it sold quickly.

Benefits of Working with a Business Broker to Sell Your Florida Business

Assistance with Preparation

The most important part of selling your business is preparing it for the sale. A good business broker will assist in prepping the business for sale when it comes to both the paperwork and physical aspects.

A broker will help you gather all the necessary documents to show to potential buyers. As far as the physical aspects go, a broker can provide insight on how to improve the physical appearance of the business to appeal to buyers. A good broker has managed the sales process in the past and they know what is going on in the current market.

Also, Florida Business Brokers provides you with knowledge regarding the sales process that you may not otherwise have known or have access to. For instance, did you know you should get your business pre-qualified with a lender prior to entertaining buyers? A good business broker knows what options are out there and how they benefit the sales process.

Establishing a Value for Your Business

You must establish a value for your business. Valuing your business too high can turn away potential buyers and valuing it too low will cause you to lose money. A business broker knows all of the different valuation methods and can help you figure out which one best fits your company when it comes to determining a sale price. They also know what similar businesses in the area are being bought and sold for which is useful when deciding on a final value. Contact FloridaBizMLS.com for a free business valuation.

Marketing Your Florida Business

Brokers are extremely useful when it comes to marketing your business. They know where to market your business to prospective buyers. They will do more than just put a for sale sign on the door. They will get the business listed online and everywhere else they can. They are also able to tap in to their network when seeking out potential buyers.

Screening and connecting you with potential buyers

Marketing efforts will get you potential buyers but you really want qualified buyers. A Florida Business Broker will save you time and handle the screening process for you. As a business owner you don’t have the time to respond and follow up on every sales lead. Most of the time half of the potential buyers interested will not actually have the funds to purchase your business. A good broker will connect you with only qualified buyers that are a good fit for your company.

In summary working with a business broker is beneficial when buying and selling a business. From the seller’s point of view a Florida business broker is worth their fee as they will get your business sold quickly and for the right price. Contact Florida Business Brokers to sell your Florida Business.

Raising Capital for Small Business

The Challenge of Raising Capital for Small Business

Raising capital is one of the most difficult challenges faced by today’s entrepreneurs.

  • Bank loans are very hard to get
  • Risk capital investors (angels and venture capital funds) expect high growth and rapid exit, which are not options for a huge majority of businesses
  • Complicated securities regulations place severe limits on who can invest

Strategies to Raise Capital

We have identified five strategies that allow you to raise money from both wealthy and non-wealthy investors in compliance with securities law. These are:

  • Direct Public Offerings (DPOs)
  • Private offerings
  • Special strategies for cooperatives
  • Fan-based funding (donations, pre-sales, memberships, etc.)
  • Grants and public-private partnerships

There’s more than one way to raise capital, and the very first option starts with you. If you’re not willing to invest in yourself, how can you expect anyone else to? Many successful entrepreneurs put nearly all their savings into their small business, and that helps catch the eye of investors because it’s clear you’re fully committed to the project. But what if you have hardly any capital to invest?

The vast majority of the time, it’s best to wait to launch until you at least have something to offer. Getting that first round of funding is often the most difficult, and lenders want to see that you’re serious. When it comes to raising capital and approaching funders, make sure you have a POA ready to go.

Here are some of the best ways to raise capital

1. Yourself 

There’s no getting around this one. Only in very rare instances can a startup happen with a founder investing $0 of his or her own money. It doesn’t have to be a fortune and the total sum is dependent on the startup and a variety of unique circumstances. However, consider it your bid to yourself and prioritize it.

2. Family and friends

This is the one that many entrepreneurs shy away from, but it’s actually the absolute best option. Don’t worry about sounding like you’re begging or putting your loved ones in an awkward position. If you present your pitch professionally and treat them like real investors (because they are), it will go smoothly even if you’re turned down. You might be surprised by who has extra cash and is interested in supporting your dreams.

3. Banks and traditional lenders 

Small business loans from traditional lenders (banks) can offer surprisingly great terms and interest rates. Of course, this depends on your credit profile and the type of collateral you can offer up. This is the reason why you need to have a well drafted business plan in place. From a traditional standpoint, this is your best bet for getting capital and you can help optimize your credit score at the same time. Plus, securing this loan helps other investors see that you’re a “real company.”

4. Crowdfunding

If for whatever reason you don’t qualify for a small business loan, there are oodles of crowd funding options available. Do your research and select a reputable company with a great success rate. This is a less orthodox approach, but it works wonderfully for many people in your position. Just make sure you carefully look at the terms and rates, and perhaps have a legal advisor chime in.

5. Investment companies and angel investors 

This is the cream of the crop and the most difficult to secure. Some investment companies have very clear directions for pitching while others will basically come to you as if by magic. To pique the interest of these lucrative investors, it’s all about PR and marketing even at this level. You might be exactly what they’re looking for, but not if you’re not visible.

Dental Lab for Sale Florida

Dental Lab For Sale

Greenacres, FL (Palm Beach County)


Business Description

This is a dental lab for sale that shares space with a dental office. Both are for sale by the same owner but owner willing to separate. Clientele is in place, just take over and start marketing with free cash flow. Great opportunity for dentist to buy both and have cash flow of over $300k/yr without changing a thing.

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Detailed Information

Furniture, Fixtures, & Equipment (FF&E):
Included in asking price
Dental lab sharing office space with dentist office in low rent area of West Palm Beach.
The niche is dental work done for dentists with low income clients. Some of the work is outsourced to China.
Growth & Expansion:
Technician has been in business for more than 20 years and has some of his original clients. There is no advertising being done. With cost on the rise, this could be an easily marketed niche for dentists all over the country in low income areas.
Support & Training:
Willing to train but employees already know the business well enough to keep things running smoothly.
Reason for Selling: