Why You Should Invest In A Gas Station

Why You Should Buy Gas Station

There are many wonderful reasons to buy gas station, and you will find that it could become the perfect family business. It might be a good way for you to start a second career after retiring, or you could begin a business that owns and manages gas stations. Everyone who is thinking of getting into the business will experience all the benefits listed below. You are given the opportunity to make a lot of money, and it could be a business you hand down to your family for generations to come.

1. Gas Stations Are Always Needed

You could buy gas station Florida property at any time, and that gas station will be needed. People have to fill up their vehicles, and the gas station often becomes a preferred place for people to get snacks, to buy lottery tickets, and to come through for a car wash or automotive service. It all depends on the sort of gas station you buy, and you will have many options once you start shopping.

2. Who Is Your Affiliate?

You could be affiliated with any petroleum brand you want, and you could do your own research so that you can pick the brand that you think best reflects your values. You might want to be affiliated with different brands if you purchase multiple stations, or you could become a major franchise partner of one brand. They might put a lot of trust in you, and you could work with them to open more stations. You might become a brand expert, and you will find that working with one of these companies gives you a lot of flexibility.

3. What Happens In Your Gas Station?

You could run a gas station that has a fast food franchise on the inside, or you could just sell snacks and drinks. You can sell lottery tickets, or you could open a truck stop that has showers and a cafe. You might have video poker machines in your gas station, and all these things pay you back in one way or another. You might prefer to have an ice machine outside, and you will make a commission on all the sales that you make. You are running a whole business that does more than just sell gas.

4. Creating Jobs

If you buy gas station, it will allow you to hire employees, give people jobs, and allow people to be managers. You could change someone’s life if you give them a good job, and you could get people in your family a job if they need it. Your kids could learn about the value of hard work by working in the station, and they could become business experts who come back to run the business for you. You are creating a job for yourself, and you could expand your business so much that you have business partners who buy in for a percentage of the company. You are growing a business that pays you while you watch it grow instead of sweating every day.

5. You Have Stability

You have stability in the gas station business because they are so badly needed. People will not move to a place that they think is too far from a gas station, and you could choose a location that gives you a captive audience. You simply need to decide if you can make the most possible money from a gas station in a remote or urban area. You might want to open stations in different places because you want to appeal to many different types of customer, or you could take a gas station on the highway. You will play host to many desperate people who need gas, and you will be their savior because your gas station is easy to see from the highway.

6. The Business Has Support

You get a lot of support from the gas brand that you are affiliated with, and they will give you help with setting prices, marketing, and upkeep of your space. They might help you pay for the car wash that is attached to your gas station, and you get to be a part of any business expansions they do. You can grow this the economy, and you will find that you can continue to make money from the gas station business long after you have retired or turned the gas station over to your kids.

7. Conclusion

One of the best things that you can do for yourself is to buy gas station, because it allows you to make money in an industry that is very stable. People always need to know where the nearest gas station is, and they will come to your gas station if you are in the right location. You can one or many stations, and you could build a family business from scratch.

Buy gas station

Ten things you need to consider before buying an existing business

Ten things you need to consider before buying an existing restaurant

Buy an existing restaurant in Florida

While it is a financially smart idea to buy an existing restaurant in Florida, turning it around will take experience, help, and patience. The advantage of purchasing an existing business is that you won’t start from scratch. This will have taken you almost halfway through the journey to being a successful entrepreneur. It is estimated that in every year over half a million business change hands; the number is expected to soil since more and more people are willing to sell their businesses due to hard financial times being experienced. Below are ten things that you should consider before buying a business.

Know your employees

Before signing that purchase document, always know your employees. Make sure they are willing to stick around once you buy it. Why? Well, your employees are usually there most of the time, and during that period they have built a good rapport with your customers, so you need them around. Most sellers never notify their employees that they are selling the restaurant, so be sure to include a clause stipulating that the seller has to inform the employees of the purchase within 48 hours of closing. It should consist of another term that requires the buyer to meet up with the employees and weigh their suitability to continue working there after the sale. Lastly, include another provision that allows you to walk away from the purchase in case you are not satisfied with the particular restaurant.

Sales taxes and payrolls

Each state has a specific set of rules and if you decide to buy a business’s assets, inquire if he owes sales taxes or payroll taxes. In case he has employees ask whether he is current on his employment taxes – if he is up to date, then as the state’s tax body to issue you with a clearance letter. Failure to this the state can come for you if they discovered that you are behind in your taxes.

Negotiate a letter of intent

This is a letter that stipulates all necessary agreements, usually a two to a three-page document. In this letter, you should include the purchase price, when and how you pay the price. Also, it should include the assets your seller wishes to keep and those he hopes to sell. Letters of intent are not fully binding but filling in all the technical agreements is important, this is because they will serve as drafts that lawyers will use when typing a purchase and sales agreement for the restaurant.

Buy the assets and not the restaurant

In case the seller is an LLC or a corporation, don’t buy the stocks, instead buy the assets. Why? The first reason is that in case he is being sued or has debts you will be covered from those legal responsibilities. Lastly, you will have a friendly tax treatment because your tax will be based on what you bought the assets for and not what your seller paid.

Understand why the restaurant is for sale

When you want to buy an existing restaurant, it is crucial to understand why the restaurant is up for sale. Though, it is a bit skeptical to inquire why but it should be a red sign when a seller fails to give a compelling reason as to why his business is for sale. This is because most people have been through gruesome battles to keep their businesses afloat. They are emotionally connected, so it is only fair to understand why? Additionally, ask neighbors and employees, if their answers conflict then that’s a red sign.

Do you have an exit strategy?

This should be a factor that you should have in mind before signing a purchase agreement. The world of business is brutal and before making it through you will have to keep digging in your pocket. Due to unforeseen circumstances sometimes, you can’t make it through, so always have an exit strategy, and if your business has some partners make sure you have a buy and sell agreement in place.

Restaurant contracts and leases

The fun part of when you buy an existing restaurant is that it comes with all documents. It is important though to keep an eye on the business contracts and leases. For instance, if over 80% of your revenues come from one client, think twice, what would happen if he walked out?

Agree on an indemnity with the seller

Even if you hired great business advisors, sometimes things slip up, and you may end up being sued for something your seller did. It is prudent to ask for an indemnity from the seller, where he promises to pay all legal fees and defend the suit in case of such a scenario. Furthermore, in case you should also give your seller an indemnity in case you get sued after the close of the restaurant.


When you buy an existing restaurant it will save you time and heartache, but before buying what should, you consider? It is important to know why the restaurant is up for sale. This will allow you to plan for any skeletons that you had not foreseen.

Buy an Existing Restaurant

How to buy a business with a business broker assistance


Start from scratch or find how to buy a business

When people want to start a business, they have to begin from scratch, from developing the business idea and building up the company. But there can be problems beginning from the scratch and some distinct disadvantages such as difficulties in marketing the new business, challenges in building a customer base as well as hiring. Establishing cash flow can also be a problem for a person who is just starting the business. When you decide to buy, it is less risky. When you buy a business in Florida, you take over a business operation that is already done by another person. You get a business with a good reputation, established customer base, and employees who are already acquainted to the business. What are the best strategies on how to buy a business?

It can be costlier to buy a business than starting a new one, but it may be worth it since you are likely to get legal rights that include copyrights and patents. You also have access to business SBA loans. Of course, you’ll need to be careful so that you don’t get stuck with outdated distribution methods, less cooperative employees, or obsolete inventory.

When you search business for sale you should be specific. For instance, when searching businesses for sale Florida, you can specify the business by searching to buy restaurants or businesses for investor visas. Think hard of the business you are interested in and the business you may be more familiar with. You also have to consider your experience in that particular business, the size of the company, location, number of employees, as well as sales.

Using a business broker assistance

Most brokers can be a great help to business buyers, especially for people who want to buy a business for the first time. Here are the ways brokers can offer assistance to you as a buyer:

  1. Help you pinpoint your interest- brokers will help you to find what you are interested in and businesses that match your skills. Using a broker may help you figure out that an industry you have never considered would be best for you. In fact, finding a business has a lot to do with personalities. If you are great at sales, then you should be looking for a business that is lacking a good salesperson.
  2. Negotiating and assisting with paperwork- brokers help both parties to reach an agreement but more importantly, they understand the process involved in transferring the business from the seller to the business buyer. The business buying process can be complicated at times and its good to use an experienced business broker to make sure things go smoothly.

Verify a business value

One important thing to keep in mind when researching how to buy a business is that during the business purchase process, you will have a period of time to do your due diligence. This includes things like examining the company’s balance sheet, cash flow statements, tax returns, income statements, contracts, and future expected earnings. Many business buyers will use an accountant to assist with this process.

Here are the things to consider when verifying business value before you decide to buy it:


These are all the products and materials for use in servicing clients. You should be present during the examination of the inventory to know the status of the inventory, what amount of inventory is available at the moment and what amount will be available when the financial year ends. For example, you have decided to buy gas station; you should know the average monthly inventory necessary to maintain the sales, compared to the existing inventory. You’ll need to make sure the two figures are adjusted at closing, so you are only paying for what is there.

Furniture, Fixtures, and Equipment

The seller should give you a list of the equipment as well as an estimated market value. You should to know if they are in proper condition, and all the costs the owner has incurred in maintaining the facilities. If you have decided to buy a Restaurant, then check that all of the facilities are in acceptable condition, check the kitchen facilities, bar, tables and chairs, toilets and all other facilities.

Copies of all documents and contracts

Contracts include all the vendors agreements, client contracts, employment and union contracts. Evaluate all the details on the documents and make sure they are correct. You can also have an attorney or an accountant go through the documents to give you a better idea of the specifics. A more detailed list of documents and pre-closing matters are as follows:

• Tax returns
• Financial statements
• Sales records
• A complete list of liabilities
• All accounts payable
• Debt disclosure
• Merchandise returns
• Customer patterns
• Marketing strategies and advertising costs
• Industry and market history
• Location and market area
• The reputation of the business
• Insurance
• A current employees list and organization chart

Mistakes to avoid when buying a business.

Try not to be anxious when you want to buy a business. It may end up having a negative effect on your ability to evaluate everything fairly. Looking on all the steps on how to buy a business, an anxious buyer will have trouble pulling the trigger and entering into a contract. This is referred to as buyer’s remorse and it is common in first time buyers. Many business buyers wind up missing the best opportunities because they are too afraid to enter into a contract of sale. You may never wind up buying a business if this is where you stand. You should know that you will have time to do your due diligence after the contract is signed.

The other mistake to avoid is to not try to expand a business before you learn it. Buy a business, run that business the same way the seller did for at least six months and then slowly make changes. If you go in and make changes on day one, your clients may be unhappy, your employees may be unhappy, and you may damage the business. Keep things simple and easy for everybody at first. Once the transition is over, then you can slowly customize the business to your needs. This is why it is so important to know how to buy a business.

How to buy a business

Blog articles for business buyers

Blog articles for business buyers

Blog articles for business buyers

Business buyers in Florida

Are you one of the business buyers? Are you considering owning your own business, especially buying a business in Florida? Have you always dreamed of owning your own beauty salon, hotel, restaurant, laundromat, coin laundry, or even thought about buy gas station? We like to think of a someone who owns their own business as someone who finally achieves that ultimate dream. Let’s face it no matter how hard you try in the Florida you might not make it as a millionaire overnight.

However, there are so many dreamers out there in the world that not just work hard but are smart about it and own their own business. When someone buys a business millions of dollars could potentially be made. It seems like more and more people are now disliking work at their jobs more so now than ever. When someone buys a business, they are ultimately giving themselves not just independence from their job, but also financial freedom.

For those who have or are thinking about a new business especially around South Florida it is important to know what they need to get started in this process. For example, any business for sale could be worth a million dollars or nothing in the end. As a business owner anything is possible as long as you are willing to put in the effort to grow the business.

Options for business buyers

In Florida there are many options for business buyers. You should start by searching businesses for sale in any category you decide such as construction businesses or restaurants for sale but don’t be afraid to call your business broker and ask for assistance because you won’t always qualify to buy any business for sale.

Besides keeping an eye on all of the businesses on the market, a good business broker will also assist you when it comes to discussing the steps involved in buying a business. You may need a business SBA loan, or a business visa and your business broker can also help you here.

So, what is holding you back.? Is it finances, or have you not had the time to buy a business in Florida? Whatever the case may be, the best way is to jump right in and call a business broker to get your business search started. Your multi-million dollar dream is just a phone call away!

Blog articles for business buyers

Eleven Things You Must Know Before Selling Your Business

Selling Your Business

Selling a business can be a challenging task. Why not streamline the process by boning up on the basics before you begin? Anyone who chooses to sell a business will at some point consider seeking professional assistance. In order to establish the business valuation and market the company in the best possible manner, the vast majority of sellers turn to professionals. This strategy makes perfect sense if you have never sold a business before or if you hope to leverage the marketing reach of a reliable business broker, take advantage of resources, such as buyer financing, and to maximize the value of your business.

In order to establish an accurate business valuation and eventually sell a business for the best possible price, consider the following tips for business sellers:

Be honest about your business’s strengths and weaknesses:

A professional can help you set a realistic price: A price that’s too high will make an otherwise easy sale a major challenge. Learn what comparable businesses in your area sell for and price yours to move, not languish on a listing board. Research is the key to setting the right price, so be prepared to have a business broker to dig in and study the local market before you settle on a specific price point.

Have proof of income ready to go:

Buyers want to know the health of your business, so be ready to show verifiable documentation to prospects. This can take the form of tax returns or financial forms, such as, profit & loss and balance sheets.

Never list before the time is right:

If your business is too young (less than a year old) or still going through growing pains, now might not be the best time to list. It’s a fact that the older and more established a business is, the faster it sells.

Be willing to negotiate on price:

Few home sellers set a fixed, non-negotiable price and expect things to go smoothly. The same thing applies to businesses. Have a range in mind rather than a specific number. Depending on how motivated the buyer is, you can move around within that range before closing day.

Have analytics ready to go:

These days, sales and traffic analytics mean a lot, especially if your business is mostly an “online” affair. Google Analytics is a free service, but most business owners use multiple services to keep track of their financial health. It makes sense to have at least 6 months of analytics on hand to show prospective buyers.

Keep working even after you decide to sell:

One of the most common pitfalls for sellers is apathy. Once they list their business for sale, either through a broker or on their own, they stop working. Smart sellers continue to operate their businesses “full blast” even after listing. This keeps financials looking healthy and maintains cash flow. No seller wants to buy a business that has been slacking off for the past few months.

Make a super-detailed transition checklist:

Write down every conceivable thing that a new owner might want to know. Think about things like website login information, passwords, analytics logs, customer lists, seasonal promotion details, local vendors, and other relevant data they will want to have on hand the first day of operation.

Know how to qualify a buyer:

You’ll need to come up with some methods to make sure buyers are truly interested and aren’t just kicking the tires. Maybe a good-faith deposit is the answer. An experienced broker can help with this part of the process even if you have no idea how to whittle down a list of prospects.

Talk with a professional broker:

Even if you don’t intend to list your business with a broker, it helps to consult with one and find out the lay of the land. In most cases, a broker will agree to work with you on a non-contract basis for a flat fee. In any case, it’s almost always a smart move to at least speak with an experienced broker before you decide to go it alone.

Understand what buyers are looking for:

Put yourself in a buyer’s shoes and brainstorm about what it might be like to be on the other side of the deal. Consider that many buyers are retirees who want a steady stream of income, while others are young entrepreneurs looking for something they can turn into a hands-on career or family business. Ask yourself what kinds of buyers will be interested in your particular entity.

Understand what a good broker can bring to the table:

Like a seasoned real estate agent, an experience business broker can take care of large chunks of a transaction. Whether that means qualifying prospective buyers, structuring a complex deal, negotiating with potential buyers, establishing a precise valuation of the business, or conducting a powerful marketing effort, an effective broker can do the lion’s share of the work once you decide to list.

A business broker, when used properly, can take care of the heavy lifting when it comes time to sell a business. One of the first steps is determining the business valuation and deciding on a realistic selling price. But there’s really much more to it than that. Most people would never dream of selling a large home without the assistance of an experienced real estate agent. So, why not do the same when selling a business? Brokers can deal with forms, filings, marketing, valuation, buyer qualification, setting a smart price, and all the minutiae of closing.

Avoid the common pitfalls by teaming up with a competent broker. There’s no reason to go it alone when an experienced professional can handle the details and close the deal at a fair price.

The Six Figure business Broker

Florida business broker teaches proven method to land six-figure incomes

Wellington, Florida, July 22, 2018—After building a multi-million-dollar business broker agency from the ground up, attorney and broker William “Bill” Thomas has taken his proven strategies for buying and selling businesses and developed a step-by-step guide to closing business deals. His book, The Six-Figure Business Broker, will be released August 03, 2018 .

“As an attorney, I have done hundreds of commercial and business closings for business brokers. That prompted me to form a procedural system for brokers to follow to make sure they were doing things accurately and completely,” Thomas says.

His sales model starts with due diligence for his sellers prior to making a strategic decision to sell and prior to creating a pricing model for the merger. His preparedness allows him to maintain a closing ratio above 83 percent, compared to the industry average of 22 percent for business brokers.

This system has been taught within his agency, Florida Business Brokers, since its founding. The company has grown to a network of more than 30 top performing business broker agents throughout Florida.

“I try to transfer a complete understanding of business brokering, so when the reader begins selling businesses, their new experiences correlate with the knowledge they gain from my book to promote the highest level of understanding in the industry,” Thomas says. “The book is not an ABC guide, it’s an A-to-Z guide.”

In addition to his work as a commercial real estate attorney and business broker, Thomas has been a longtime aviation instructor and brings his teaching and coaching background to help real estate agents break into business brokering, as well as helping existing business brokers improve their careers.

For more information on The Six-Figure Business Broker, or to contact Bill Thomas for interview or speaking requests, please contact him directly at William@FloridaBizMLS.com or 561-914-1182.

About William “Bill” Thomas
Bill Thomas is an attorney in both New York and Florida. He specializes in selling businesses in South Florida. For the first 12 years of his legal career, he handled thousands of real estate and business closings. Over the last 15 years, he has handled many multi-million-dollar business and commercial sales for South Florida business owners as a business intermediary. Bill runs Florida Business Brokers, a company where 25 operating agents throughout Florida have gone through his training program and have become successful business broker agents.

Best Deals March 2016

Businesses for Sale Florida Best Deals 2016

Florida Business Brokers

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Dental Lab For Sale with Low Overhead

Greenacres, FL (Palm Beach County)


Dental Lab sharing space with a dental practice on a well-traveled road with great signage. Dentist office is also for sale by same owners. The technician has been servicing dentists for over 20 years and has been operating the current lab business for the last 8 years. Seller does not market the business for fear of having expand the business or work more hours. The 50 plus clients are all dentists mainly in the Florida. 70% of the lab work is removable dentures which are done in-house and about 30% is crown and bridge work which is outsourced to China. Great for visa investor or investor looking for great ROI. SBA pre-qualified for loan and working capital loan.


Excellent Convenient Store Opportunity!

Vero Beach, FL (Indian River County)


Excellent Investment Opportunity! This Convenient Store is an asset to the community and is located in busy & growing plaza with lots of foot traffic. Offers great prices and outstanding customer service in additional to wide variety of every day and specialty items.


Established Motorcycle Repair And Resto Shop

Miami, FL (Miami-Dade County)






Residential Lawn Mowing Company

Orlando, FL (Orange County)


This one won’t last! This thriving lawn mowing business focuses in residential accounts covering the rapidly growing Lake Nona Area. A well-established website, a simple (and constant) yet effective advertising campaign, and great reviews on social sites are constant generators of new leads and new accounts. The company uses Gps Tracking to control times spent at each property to optimize the routes. Clean financial records, and equipment in great conditions. Contact us today for more information.



Florida Business Brokers is the leader in business sales, acquisitions and franchises in South Florida. Whether you represent a corporation with sights on acquisition, or are personally interested in owning your own business, Florida Business Brokers offers the professional services that successfully bring buyers and sellers together. From business sales to acquisitions to franchises; we are your business sale specialists.

Since our beginning, our team has excelled in getting deals done! Call us and you will understand what makes us the best company to handle any business purchase, sale or commercial real estate deal.

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Florida Business Brokers, LLC,
8401 Lake Worth Rd #202
Lake Worth FL 33467

Athletic shoe store for sale Florida

Athletic Shoe Store for Sale Florida

Athletic Shoe Store

Miami-Dade County, FL


For more information on this Athletic Shoe Store for Sale in Florida, contact Debbie Beckford at Florida Business Brokers, LLC 954-882-0176

Business Description

One of the nicest stores the market! Great opportunity to own this well stocked shoes store, Located in one of the busiest markets in Miami. Specializing in Athletic footwear for Men, Women and Children. The biggest and most popular name brands, various styles for everyone. The owner has put a lot of time and effort in making the store one of the best stores in the market. Great signage and great location, close to parking, food and entertainment. Two separate sections all included! New owner can just step in and take over. Great establishment and rare opportunity. Must see to appreciate.

Detailed Information

Included in asking price
Located in busy shopping market. Parking is very close to the store, and busy restaurant right outside. Space also include large display area for additional inventory and misc items.
Great opportunity to own this well stocked shoes store, Located in one of the busiest markets in Miami. Specializing in Athletic footwear for Men, Women and Children. The owner has put a lot of time and effort in making the store one of the best stores in the market. Great signage and great location, close to parking, food and entertainment. Two separate sections all included! The buyer can just step in and take over. Great establishment and rare opportunity. Must see to apprecitate.
Growth & Expansion:
Great opportunity to own this well stocked shoes store, Located in one of the busiest markets in Miami. Specializing in Athletic footwear for Men, Women and Children. The owner has put a lot of time and effort in making the store one of the best stores in the market. Great signage and great location, close to parking, food and entertainment. Two separate sections all included! The buyer can just step in and take over. Great establishment and rare opportunity. Must see to apprecitate.
Support & Training:
Owner willing to train at no cost for 2 weeks.
Reason for Selling:


C-Store for Sale Florida

Excellent Convenient Store Opportunity!

Vero Beach, FL (Indian River County)


For more information on this Major Brand Gas and Convenience Store for Sale in Florida, contact Jamie Jackson at Florida Business Brokers, LLC 772-626-7353

Business Description

Beer Wine Cigarettes Post Office Uhaul

One Stop Shop Convenient Store for the Community!

Detailed Information

Not included in asking price
Furniture, Fixtures, & Equipment (FF&E):
Included in asking price
Convenient/Beverage Store specializing in Beer, Wine, Cigarettes, Grocery. Also authorized Post Office, Uhaul, Bill Pay, Lottery facility. Excellent location within strip mall shopping!
Provides community with One Stop Shop in very busy location
Growth & Expansion:
This facility offers several aspects of business but had to release some services due to lack of help such as Comcast cable services and others. With the right help and ability to work this business it has the potential to earn much more income!
Support & Training:
Minimum training needed
Reason for Selling:
Onwer is over extended with other businesses to run

Car Wash with Repair and Retail for Sale Florida

Neat Wash – Car Wash, Repair and Retail

Sanford, FL (Seminole County)


For more information on this Car Wash with Repair and Retail for Sale in Florida, contact Anthony Campenni at Florida Business Brokers, LLC 954-319-4150

Business Description

Tunnel Car Wash/Retail Showroom /4 Bay Repair Facility With Property For SaleAll Brand New Equipment and Buildings on 1 Acre of Property. This is a substantial Property with State Of the Art Turn-Key Facility. Located in beautiful Lake Mary on the Major Thoroughfare to Interstate I4. Booming area with all new development. This is a Brand New Fully Equipped Facility. A Million Dollar Business that includes the Land. A steal for an investor! Contact Anthony Campenni 954-319-4150

Attached Documents

Detailed Information

Included in asking price
Real Estate:
Included in asking price
Furniture, Fixtures, & Equipment (FF&E):
Included in asking price
Tunnel Car Wash, Retail Showroom and 4-Bay Repair Facility with Property For Sale $1,550,000 Sanford, Florida All Brand New Equipment and Buildings on 1 Acre of Property. This is a substantial Property with State Of the Art Turn-Key Facility. A Million Dollar Business that includes the Land. A steal for an investor!
Non-compete for 10 miles for 10 years.
Growth & Expansion:
**Adjacent, 1-acre fully compliant Gas Mart for sale at $1.6 million. Excellent opportunity for an investor to purchase both properties and have a major presence on prominent thoroughfare in Lake Mary, Florida. For more information, contact agent.**
Down payment: 40% of selling price. Financing 60 months at 10%
Support & Training:
2 weeks at no cost to buyer
Reason for Selling: