About Florida Business Brokers, LLC

Florida Business Brokers sells businesses for Florida business owners ranging from a few thousand dollars up to $40 million dollars. Our business broker agents use their prior industry experience to focus business sales on specific categories of businesses. While some of our agents specialize in grocery store sales, some specialize in gas stations, and others will focus on more complicated businesses like manufacturing or distribution businesses. In any case, business owners can expect to be paired up with a business broker who has the background and industry knowledge to make the most of any business sale.

Whether your business is in Jacksonville or Miami, Florida Business Brokers has a broker to handle your sale. With over 30 top business broker agents placed in cities around Florida, no matter where a business is located, owners can meet up with a business broker who has access to a marketing and sales network in that area. Miami, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, Orlando, Tampa, and Jacksonville are our base locations. From these cities, brokers travel in the field to visit and meet with business owners in nearby locations. We can sell a restaurant in Sarasota, a C-Store in Miami or a factory in Sanford. Our business broker agents are ready to meet with any business owner throughout Florida.

Selling a business in Florida can take some time. Most businesses sell within nine months if they are reasonably priced. An overpriced business can take years to sell if at all. Our business broker agents have years of experience and training to assist you with valuing your business and marketing it to sell in a timely manner. Our agents have your business goals in mind when assisting with setting a target sales price and time to sell. Selling your business can also be seasonal. Some businesses will sell better in the summer months and some will sell better in the winter months. All of this information plays into the strategy for timing the sale of a business.

When a business owner is interested in selling or valuing a business in an effort to make an exit strategy, our business broker agents are experienced and trained to be able to provide expert service and assistance. Business owners are busy running their businesses. We understand that and know that for a business sale to be successful, our agents must temporarily partner with business owners and take on the duty of selling the business while the owners maintain a steady flow of business coming in. If the business suffers because an owner is focused on the sale of the business, then the value will suffer and the buyer pool will shrink. Our agents are focused on not letting this happen. In order for a business sale to be successful, business owners must be focused on their business and our agents must be focused on the sale.

Our business sales model is proven. We sell hundreds of businesses each year throughout Florida. This is done through quality business brokers who are well trained and vastly experienced at selling businesses. Marketing a business is simple and many owners will try to do this on their own until they realize their mistake. The internet allows anybody to create a web presence for very little money. The problem with business sales is that there are a lot of poorly run and overpriced businesses listed for sale on the internet. Perhaps 90% or so are simply trash. This leaves buyers frustrated and skeptical.

At Florida Business Brokers, we will not solely list a business on the internet to try to sell a business. We use a network of people to sell businesses. We create a good solid listing with a financing package and a memorandum of sale. When we do get buyers attracted to a business, we make sure that we only bring qualified and serious buyers to meet with our business sellers. A good web presence is a tool for selling a business, but a good network and an experienced business broker is indispensable to selling a business.

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